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Whichschool? magazine is the best way to compare New Zealand private schools.

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Education Corner

  • Which School|Types of Schools & Scholarship options

    Types of Schools & Scholarship options

    Getting your head round the different types of schools and scholarship options available is the first task when choosing where to send your child. Here, WhichSchool lays out your choices.

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  • Which School|Why Private Schools?

    Why Private Schools?

    ‘Parents have a prior right to choose the education that should be given to their children.’ Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations 1948.

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  • Which School|Free Range Parenting

    Free Range Parenting

    Allowing children to develop real independence is one of the biggest challenges modern parents face. Our basic job is to keep kids safe and secure, that doesn’t mean we eliminate risk altogether by overprotecting them. - By Michael Grose

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  • Which School|Co-curricular Activities

    Co-curricular Activities

    Co-curricular activities are those that complement but are not part of a school’s scholastic curriculum. Here, we ask three schools why parents should look closely at a school’s co-curricular offering

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    Whichschool? magazine is the best way to compare New Zealand private schools.

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